The principles of architecture; primarily experimenting with reworked textures and layering using architectural construction as initial inspiration for shape and colour. Confident shape structures and silhouettes have been the main focus of the collection with inspiration coming from 3D model making and garment formations to influence shape and proportion. Drawing through collage has influenced continuity, symmetry and illusion based aspects of constructing textures and pattern within the knitted structures and the design proportion.

Initial 3D model making to create primary imagery for shape silhouettes, structure and proportion.

Analysing construction in architecture to focus on joining, disassembling and re-building. The layering of shape formations focuses on building illusions and outlines of compositions.

Own collages to create shape and pattern taken from primary imagery with an abstract approach. Creating inspiration for placement and structure of knitwear samples.

Developing a considered colour palette and highlight colour through the collection with mark making and collage.

Developing samples into final garments. Focusing on the theme of construction and layering through architectural structures to inform shape and fabric selection as well as a 3D textured feel to the work.