A focus on positive and negative areas within man-made structures, as well as admiring the connection between a space to give linear effects. Analaysing architectural structures along with light angles and glitches of horizontal and vertical line detailing to give silhouettes and shape ideas for knitwear.

Initial primary research by layering cutouts of imagery in different ways. Playing with placement and scale as well as colour to emphasise light angles.

Primary imagery of architectural structures to develop into glitch patterns.

The investigation of glitches through yarn wraps and layering of unusual materials. Combining this with cohesive colourways to create a subtle change in composition as well as layering textures to give a sense of distortion.

Drawing through collage to demonstrate colour proportions, shape and scale. Replicating the glitches and vertical line movement through colour and collage helped demonstrate a range of patterns produced into knitted textiles.